Fairfax VA Wedding Photographers Love Colorful Weddings :)

I have to say just how much of a pleasure it was to be a part of these two love birds BIG day! I cannot thank my lead associate photographer enough for taking such great care of their photo needs throughout the day! I was blown away by the vivid color schemes that this beautiful couple planned through out the day. There were so many deep colors, and it made for such a dramatic backdrop to their photos! I have to thank them again for inviting us to be a part of such a grand event and for being so great to work with!


Wedding Photography In Fairfax VA Never Gets Old :)

It never ceases to amaze me just how wonderful wedding photography in Fairfax VA is...I just had the pleasure of working with 2 of the sweetest people in Fairfax County :) This groom was such a gentleman and his bride an absolute princess. These two love birds are simply charming together! You can really see just how much they care for one another in their interactions. I am so happy to have been a part of such a beautiful wedding day! Thank you again for being so great to work with!


Washington DC Engagement Photo Shoots Done Right!

I just had the pleasure of having an Engagement Photo Shoot In DC with one of the absolute cutest couples! These two were by far one of the funnest couples to work with in a while! We had such a wonderful time walking and chatting together, that I had to keep reminding myself that I was "working". Afterward, my face was soar from smiling so much! DC has an energy about it that really brings out the best in people :) I was so impressed by how these two were always "at one" with each other...it was almost as if there was no one else around. It was such a refreshing feeling to be reminded that true love and real romance still exist! I simply cannot wait to photograph these two love birds on their wedding day!
Thank you again for being so great to work with!


Engagement Photo Shoots In DC Are Always Amazing!

It is such a thrill being a Wedding Photographer in Fairfax Va for so many reasons! The fact that we are so close to Our Nation's Capital is one of the BIGGEST treats! There is so much influential architecture on almost every block! It is always exciting when a couple envisions their Engagement Photo Shoot In DC, my eyes widen at the sound of those words in the same sentence :) This lovely couple was so much fun to work with, it is easy to see just how in love they are- Funny enough, It's couples like this that keep me in love with what I do for a living! I have to give thanks each and every day for the ability to a Wedding Photographer, I am surrounded with love and all of it's effects on people...lol- Thanks again to this lovely couple for being so wonderful to work with!


Wedding Photography In Arlington Va Gets Delightful Again!

As a Wedding Photographer in Fairfax VA, I have had the honor of covering countless weddings for so many wonderful couples...These two love birds were such a pleasure to work with! They hosted their wedding in Beautiful Crystal City, and did so with class! Everything was perfect! The evening was full of such great spirits, good music, and dancing. I had such a wonderful time working with these two, it was certainly refreshing being surrounded by such a great crowd!
Thank you again for being so much fun to work with! I will always remember your wedding day with delight :)


Fairfax VA Wedding Photography Bringing Smiles To The World :)

Have you ever smiled for so long that your cheeks begin to hurt? This couple hosted a day full of so much joy that I literally could not stop smiling! These two love birds were soo much fun! And what wonderful families they have! This was a celebration that was a lot more than a coming together of a beautiful couple, this was a coming together of two great families! Everyone was such a delight to mingle with and photograph :)
Before I forget, I have to give extra, extra Kudos to this couple for remembering all of their great poses from our engagement photo session in DC. It was so much fun photographing these two pro's on their wedding day :) Thank you again being so wonderful to work with! I really had a wonderful time working with you two!


Wedding Photographers In Fairfax VA Live For These Types Of Weddings!

I am so delighted to have been invited to be a part of this gorgeous couple's BIG day! I can't even begin to describe how wonderful it was to work with these two- Everything about the day was amazing! This beautiful bride put so much thought into her BIG day and it showed! Her color scheme was composed of refreshing fall colors, her gown was elegant and stunning, and the decor/setup at the reception complimented everything! I can honestly say that I felt that I was with family from the beginning of the day to end of the night :) The entire bridal party was charming and as sweet as can be! And what a wonderful reception! They had surprised their guests (and me) when a (really pretty) Belly Dancer stormed into the room and started her performance- It was easy to see just how much fun all the guests were having- I was able to take advantage of all the fun with some really classic photo journalistic coverage...The best way to get natural action shots is to anticipate BIG moments, and this day was full of them :) I am so very honored to have been a part of this beautiful couple's wedding day! Thank you again for such an amazing experience!


True Love & Wedding Photography in Maryland

I want to take a moment to say how amazing it was to have been a part of this couple's wedding day! Really, what a wonderful experience this was! This beautiful young lady paid special attention to the little details, and it showed :) From the color scheme, the center pieces, the dinner and even down to the desserts, the guests were all given a romantic experience that will not soon be forgotten...there was never a dull moment! And, what a gorgeous reception it was, the party was filled with good music, dancing, laughter, and hints of Romance from every angle. I guess I have to also give credit to the venue for hosting such a grand event...My associate photographer & I could not stop talking about how refreshing it was to be indulged visually, spiritually and also with our taste buds :) Extra kudos to these love birds for taking suuuch good care of us!

....did I mention how adorable these two were? I can't even begin to describe how right these two are for each other! Simply meant to be :)

Thanks again for including me on such a special day of your lives! It was truly a wonderful experience!


Maryland Is For Lovers (Too)

Whomever coined the phrase 'VA Is For Lovers' should have taken a little more time visiting the entire VA/MD/DC Metro Area...they might have had the chance to meet this beautiful couple and had the realization that 'Maryland Is For Lovers Too!' :)
I was lucky enough to be asked to document the wedding day of this lovely couple, and had the opportunity to experience, first hand, how in love these two really are! This was one of the most romantic wedding days. There was so much love in the air through out the day. I am so very delighted to have been part of such a beautiful day! Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!


Wedding Photography In Washington DC Continues To Be Classy!!

I have to admit how in love I am with wedding photography in Washington DC! There is never a dull moment :) This was a day I will always remember! The entire bridal party was so much fun to be with! We were able to capture some beautiful pictures through out the day...We visited a few monuments for portraits as well as group shots with the entire bridal party. Couples like these are a big part of why I truly love being a professional wedding photographer in Washington DC ! I have to give a special thank you to this beautiful couple for such a wonderful experience!


Wedding Photography in Leesburg VA Gets Romantic Again!

Being a true romantic at heart, I really have to admit how much I enjoy photographing weddings. It is hard not to get enveloped into the celebration through out the day... This couple was one of the sweetest that I have had the pleasure of working with! I remember thinking to myself how perfect for each other they were...Their wedding day was filled with such great energy! Another special thank you to this lovely couple for being so much fun to work with!


Haymarket Wedding Photography Keeps Getting Better And Better!

There are moments in this industry when a professional wedding photographer really has to thank his/her lucky stars for being presented an amazing opportunity! I was lucky enough have been asked to cover this beautiful couple's wedding day, and I cannot thank them enough for being so great to work with! Everything about their BIG day was spectacular! This lovely young couple was as sweet as can be! And Kudos to the groom for being an absolute gentleman and the bride a princess...This is one couple that is destined to be together for ever! The best part was that we were given the opportunity to push the creative envelope because the bridal party was patient and willing to have fun! These two love birds hosted such a beautiful event, it is certain that the guests will all remember their wedding day for a long time to come! Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!


Vienna VA Wedding Photography Gets Colorful Again

Photographing weddings here in Fairfax County is truly a treat for me. I have the pleasure of working with some of the nicest couples! This wedding was as beautiful as it was spiritual~ Each guest and family member was so nice throughout the night...It was one of the funnest receptions to be a part of. Music, Dancing and Laughter filled the air as the families celebrated the coming together of such a beautiful couple. This was a day that I will remember for many years!
Thank you again for being simply wonderful to work with!


Leesburg Wedding Photography Continues To Be Beautiful!

Being a Professional Wedding Photographer In Leesburg VA and the Surrounding VA / DC / MD Metro area has it's advantages! I get to meet some of the nicest couples imaginable! I am always amazed how each couple's BIG day expresses the style and taste of the Newly Weds! Every detail is hand picked and designed by each Bride and Groom to reflect their vision...This couple really took some time in planning the details that made their Wedding very special for everyone involved, including me :) I really have to admit how much fun it was being a part of such a special day with such a special couple! Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!

(Take a Close Look At The Bottom Of The Bride's Shoes Here, A Little Detail Can Have A Huge Impact)

Wedding Photography In Tysons Corner Has Always Been A Treat!

The Thing I Love most about being a Professional Wedding Photographer in VA / Fairfax County is that we are so close to so many amazing places to have a wedding! The Mclean / Tysons / Vienna area has always been a gem for wedding ceremonies and receptions, with it's own flavor and feel that commands elegance and style. I really have to give it to this Beautiful couple for planning and executing the nicest day for their guests! The Ceremony was very touching and the food was amazing (extra Kudos to this couple for insisting my associate photographer & I ate well! Filet Mignon & Shrimp, Yummmm!!) Extra Classy!!
But the 'fireworks' really began during the reception! This was on e of the most exciting receptions that I have had the pleasure of being a part of! There was so much wonderful energy radiating from every angle! Each guest was as exciting as the last and simply wonderful to photograph! And the Bride & Groom were absolutely Amazing to work with! We had such a beautiful engagement photo shoot that I was really excited to be with the couple on their wedding day... It was an absolute pleasure to have been there with them on such a BIG day of their lives!
Another special thank you to this beautiful couple for such a great experience!


Wedding Photography In Bristow VA Proves To Be Timeless!

I have to give it to everyone in this bridal party...They were so much fun to work with! We were able to take some really classic group shots well before the ceremony. Every one was so laid back and willing to have fun. One of the best things about being a Wedding photographer in Fairfax Va is the abundance of both, great people, and great locations for weddings. Thanks again to this bridal party for having so much fun during their time in front of the lens :) It's wedding days like this one that really keep me IN LOVE with what I do!


DC Engagement Photography Keeps Getting Better And Better

As a local artist, I truly love working in DC with my clients... This beautiful couple really liked the idea of having their Engagement photo shoot in DC around the summer time. We were able to find some real great weather during the later part of the day. We did this for a few reasons, to ensure the couple was comfortable, also because lighting is perfect for portraits 1.5 to 2.5 hours before the sunsets (at least in my humble opinion) :)
I really have to give it to this couple for having so much fun during the photo shoot! We had such a great time together! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, and I wasn't even having my picture taken!! It was great to see see these two love birds during the photo shoot, they did everything perfectly! They were always in the "now" together and well aware of the lens at the same time :) There was never a dull moment...
We have all posed for a picture before, and usually if a friend or a close relative is taking the photo we smile in a way that shows a side of our selves more familiar to family or friends. If someone that we are not familiar with approaches us with a camera, we may not show the same side, but rater be a little reserved (maybe?) The key to a successful Engagement Photo Shoot is to be your self! Leave your reservations behind and don't be shy, "strike a pose" and simply have fun!
This was one DC Engagement Photo Shoot for the books!! Another special thank you to this couple :) I absolutely love my job!!


Arlington Wedding Photography At It's Finest!

If you are planning a Wedding and have not considered Arlington as a possible location, you may want to think again...It is such a wonderful city, nestled just a "stones throw" away from Washington DC...
Yesterday, I had the utmost pleasure of working with one of the most adorable couples and they decided to host their wedding day in none other than, Arlington Va!
This was one of the funnest weddings that I have had the honor of being asked to photograph!
Each and Every Guest was such a delight to mingle with through out the day, I was able capture some very Photo Journalistic photos, plus work with the Bridal Party to ensure that we were able to get some Traditional Portraits as well! I literally could not stop smiling the entire day :o)
These two love birds shared a classic type of love that is destined to last forever! I can already picture them celebrating their 50 year anniversary, still feeling the same love for each other that I just witnessed yesterday! The Groom was Gentleman, and the bride an Absolute Princess!
Thank You Again For Such a Wonderful Experience!!


Haymarket Wedding Photography Proves To Be Amazing Time and Time Again!

As corny as this might sound, this post is dedicated to True Love...
I can't explain what it is exactly that makes some couples really exemplify sincere True Happiness, but I can say that I witnessed some of the most honest forms of True Love working with this couple on thier wedding day. These two love birds were such a wonderful couple to be around, I remember the sheer joy that surrounded them the entire day. It really makes me love being a part of this industry!
Another special thank you to this lovely couple for being so wonderful to work with!!!