A Woman's Touch

Over the years as a Wedding Photographer in VA, I have been to many weddings. It never seems to amaze me how helpful the Bride's Maids are! You ladies got class!! This Wedding was so very special! The whole bridal party was so wonderful!


I'm Loving Wedding Photography Here In VA

Photographing Weddings in VA has always been colorful! We have some remarkable sunsets here and if photographed right, one can really enhance the dramatic level of a shot. I have always liked to use the sun in my frames during wedding coverage. It is a little different than traditional 'medium shot' portraits in the sense that you really get a feel for the environment around the Bride & Groom. This beautiful couple was simply wonderful to work with! From our Engagement Photo Shoot through the Wedding Day, these two love birds were amazing!
I will remember today for a long time to come! Simply put, Classy Couples like this are the reason I am so passionate about my work! Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!

Wedding Photography In Arlington VA

I was lucky enough to photograph this beautiful bride earlier today here in Arlington VA. She was willing to get ready very early on in the day to spend a good amount of time on her portraits hours before the wedding. This is was such a wonderful idea! It is always a good idea to give your self enough time to take your portraits the day of your wedding. I have always said, if you are not comfortable, your pictures will reflect it...Planning ahead has never been a bad thing :o)
Thanks again to this lovely young lady for being so pleasant to work with!


Issa Michel's Photography To Be Featured On iTunes Again??

I have had the pleasure of working with DC Based Latin Hip Hop Artist Cristopolis several times for his press kit needs...He has recently decided to use a display piece that I designed for him as an Album cover for his newest single "Dream". The song features more DC talent, the Amazing Heather Renee on vocals. It is now on iTunes along with dozens of his other great songs!
Thank you Cristopolis for being so great to work with and for deciding to use my design for your album cover!


A Very Fine Virginia Find

I just had the pleasure of working with two of the nicest people! I have to say an extra special thank you to them for being so fantastic to work with. Wedding Photography here in Virginia is always more of a pleasure when working with such wonderful Bridal Parties!


Thank You DC!

With the National Cherry Blossom Festival behind us, we can all breathe a sigh of releif that the millions of visitors came and went with ease! I was lucky enough to be able to hold 13 seperate Cherry Blossom Engagement Photo Shoots for some of my clients during the blossom peak.

I have to admit, it went great! Everyone was so curtious to us! People tried as hard as they could to duck the lense, walk around or even wait for us to capture our portraits...

Special thanks to my couples! You were all so wonderful to work with! I am delighted that we were able to capture such beautiful portraits to display at your weddings!!


More Local Talent!

Local Artist, Adam Lucas recently painted this portrait for one of my clients...We were all so thrilled with the way it turned out! One of the most remarkable things about this painting is that it was all done digitally! Thanks again Adam for your work!