This Wedding Photographer in Fairfax VA Loves To Work in MD!

I just had the pleasure of photographing one of the most beautiful weddings today! I was so captivated by all the little details this lovely young couple planned for their guests... there were so many beautiful color schemes that all matched together in the grand scheme of things. It was so much fun to photograph! I also want to give extra extra Kudos to these two love birds for having such a wonderful photographic presence! I could tell right away when we met for our engagement photo shoot in DC that we were going to have a great time capturing breathtaking images together :) What an adorable couple! I want to give these two special thanks for being so wonderful to work with! Your entire bridal party & guest list were as classy as they come!!You two have some of the BEST energy, not to mention GREAT taste in music :) 
Thanks again for such a great experience!


Fairfax Va Wedding Photographers Enjoying The Day With A Beautiful Couple :)

We recently had the opportunity to be a part of such a fun and cultured event! This was a bridal party full of such great energy, not to mention how wonderful the rest of the guests were :) It was truly a delight to be asked to capture the memories of such a beautiful part of these two love birds lives. I would like to thank the bride and groom for planning/hosting such a great wedding! Extra Kudos to you two for booking the live Polka Band!! F U N!!

Wedding Photographers Enjoying Haymarket VA Again & Again!!

I am just getting back to the studio from covering one of the funnest weddings! Tonight was filled with such a festive atmosphere, everyone was in such a delightful mood! I am so grateful to have been a part of such beautiful event. This lovely young couple had some of the best energy, they made it tremendously easy to capture photo journalistic style photos through out the day! The whole bridal party was great to work with, it was very nice to see how supportive they were :) I also want to mention just how nice the bride and groom's families were! Very Classy! It was such a pleasure to have been a part of such a beautiful celebration! Another special thank you to these two love birds for such a wonderful experience!


What A Beautiful Wedding Day In MD For This Fairfax VA Wedding Photographer

I was just lucky enough to have photographed the wedding day of the sweetest couple in all of MD :) These two love birds were so great to work with. From our engagement photo shoot, to their wedding day, they were such a delight! Extra Kudos to this lovely young couple for having such a wonderful photographic presence! We were able to take so many beautiful images together, and the fact that they were so happy together made it even easier to capture great photo journalistic moments! Thank you again for your beautiful energy and for being so classy!! I am absolutely honored to have been part of your wedding memories :)