A Little Touch Of Color Goes A Long Way

Black and White photographs have always been a favorite of mine. One effect that really makes Black and White photographs stand out is color conversion. As you can see, this photo becomes a dramatic display piece once this effect is applied. This type of image generally takes anywhere from 45 minutes up to 1.5 hours to apply depending on the photograph itself and how large and area you will be airbrushing...I think that it is worth every moment :o)


Photo Journalistic Style Wedding Photography in VA

This is one of my favorite Photo Journalistic Photographs...There was a lot of great natural lighting here, so I was shooting some with my 200mm zoom lense and no flash. This shot came out exactly as I pictured it...
The best thing about it is, she had no idea that I was even taking her picture! This particular venue had great lighting, and that made it easy to take a lot of natural photos of everyone!


Attention to Details

It is always important for me, as a professional photographer, to capture photographs that will remind my clients of just how beautiful thier Wedding Day was. If you think about it, they put so much time and effort into the planning...every detail was thought out to try to express the style and character of each couple. I always try to take just as much consideration when photographing the Wedding day details for my clients.