True Love & Wedding Photography in Maryland

I want to take a moment to say how amazing it was to have been a part of this couple's wedding day! Really, what a wonderful experience this was! This beautiful young lady paid special attention to the little details, and it showed :) From the color scheme, the center pieces, the dinner and even down to the desserts, the guests were all given a romantic experience that will not soon be forgotten...there was never a dull moment! And, what a gorgeous reception it was, the party was filled with good music, dancing, laughter, and hints of Romance from every angle. I guess I have to also give credit to the venue for hosting such a grand event...My associate photographer & I could not stop talking about how refreshing it was to be indulged visually, spiritually and also with our taste buds :) Extra kudos to these love birds for taking suuuch good care of us!

....did I mention how adorable these two were? I can't even begin to describe how right these two are for each other! Simply meant to be :)

Thanks again for including me on such a special day of your lives! It was truly a wonderful experience!


Maryland Is For Lovers (Too)

Whomever coined the phrase 'VA Is For Lovers' should have taken a little more time visiting the entire VA/MD/DC Metro Area...they might have had the chance to meet this beautiful couple and had the realization that 'Maryland Is For Lovers Too!' :)
I was lucky enough to be asked to document the wedding day of this lovely couple, and had the opportunity to experience, first hand, how in love these two really are! This was one of the most romantic wedding days. There was so much love in the air through out the day. I am so very delighted to have been part of such a beautiful day! Thank you again for being so wonderful to work with!


Wedding Photography In Washington DC Continues To Be Classy!!

I have to admit how in love I am with wedding photography in Washington DC! There is never a dull moment :) This was a day I will always remember! The entire bridal party was so much fun to be with! We were able to capture some beautiful pictures through out the day...We visited a few monuments for portraits as well as group shots with the entire bridal party. Couples like these are a big part of why I truly love being a professional wedding photographer in Washington DC ! I have to give a special thank you to this beautiful couple for such a wonderful experience!