Subtle Color

This is a fun enhancement to a photograph when done right...sometimes it is nice to apply a color conversion to a less traditional type of shot. I always enjoy working in DC, especially Georgetown :o)

Tips For Great Sweetheart Portraits

To take stunning portraits, one has to remember that the lense never lies...
If you are having a good time and are willing to take some direction from your photographer you are off to a good start! The most important thing to remember is to act natural! If you are 'stiff' or unsure how to pose, your portraits will suffer. Stand close to each other, whisper "I Love You" to one another, tell her how important she is to you, then find your photographer's lense...this will ensure the presence of body language in your portrait. When Sweetheart Sessions have these simple 3 elements;
1) Comfort
2) Natural Pose
3) Body Language
you are guaranteed to have stunning portraits!


When Not To Pose

Candid photographs always demand attention for several reasons, one being that they look stunning. During a photo shoot with your photographer try not to get your self worked up about whether or not your are posing right. I recently had the most uncomfortable engagement session with a couple(NOT the couple pictured above) that did not understand the concept of acting naturally. Needless to say the photographs looked amazing, but it took a lot of unnecessary time away from the photo shoot for me to explain what acting natural means...This photo above is one of my favorite engagement pictures because it is a prime example of a natural pose.