DC Engagement Photography Keeps Getting Better And Better

As a local artist, I truly love working in DC with my clients... This beautiful couple really liked the idea of having their Engagement photo shoot in DC around the summer time. We were able to find some real great weather during the later part of the day. We did this for a few reasons, to ensure the couple was comfortable, also because lighting is perfect for portraits 1.5 to 2.5 hours before the sunsets (at least in my humble opinion) :)
I really have to give it to this couple for having so much fun during the photo shoot! We had such a great time together! My cheeks hurt from smiling so much, and I wasn't even having my picture taken!! It was great to see see these two love birds during the photo shoot, they did everything perfectly! They were always in the "now" together and well aware of the lens at the same time :) There was never a dull moment...
We have all posed for a picture before, and usually if a friend or a close relative is taking the photo we smile in a way that shows a side of our selves more familiar to family or friends. If someone that we are not familiar with approaches us with a camera, we may not show the same side, but rater be a little reserved (maybe?) The key to a successful Engagement Photo Shoot is to be your self! Leave your reservations behind and don't be shy, "strike a pose" and simply have fun!
This was one DC Engagement Photo Shoot for the books!! Another special thank you to this couple :) I absolutely love my job!!

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