Haymarket Wedding Photography Proves To Be Amazing Time and Time Again!

As corny as this might sound, this post is dedicated to True Love...
I can't explain what it is exactly that makes some couples really exemplify sincere True Happiness, but I can say that I witnessed some of the most honest forms of True Love working with this couple on thier wedding day. These two love birds were such a wonderful couple to be around, I remember the sheer joy that surrounded them the entire day. It really makes me love being a part of this industry!
Another special thank you to this lovely couple for being so wonderful to work with!!!


Photojournalistic Wedding Photography In Vienna Va Gets Intersting

This group of Gentlemen were so great to work with! I have always been a HUGE fan of wedding parties that are willing to step out of the box and have fun!
Thank you again for such a wonderful experience!!


Fairfax Wedding Photography

I have recently had the absolute pleasure of working with some of the nicest people!!! I have covered many VA Weddings, but none as unique as this one! Everyone was so wonderful to work with! The bride and groom were literally glowing the entire night as their family and friends lovingly looked on. This was one of the most romantic weddings, easily....
Thank you again for being such a pleasure to work with!!!


Reflections Of Love, Wedding Photography in Fairfax VA

I just wanted to share this rendered photo of a lovely couple that I had the pleasure of working with...I wanted to give it a feel as if you were looking into a reflection of these two in the water. Wedding Photography in Fairfax VA keeps getting more and more fun!


Artistic Wedding Photography In Vienna VA

As a Wedding Photographer here in the VA/DC Metro Area, I always try to take advantage of the wonderful scenery that we have around us. It is important to me to show the Bride & Groom the environment around them in an artistic way. I had the honor of working with two of the nicest people recently, needless to say, their family and friends were great! I just had to post one more photograph! This Romantic Couple was so fun to work with! Everything about their BIG day was beautiful. Another special thanks to them for being so classy and wonderful to work with!


More Local Talent!!

I was lucky enough to work with a very well known artist through out DC/ VA/MD... The wonderful Singer/Songwriter, Heather Renee wanted to get some more images for her portfolio & press kit. The photo shoot could not have gone better! We managed to get some very powerful images to extend her press kit beyond your typical head shots...What I realized early on, was that Heather was a natural in front of the lens! She was so amazing to work with! Her positive energy flowed through out the studio!
The image you see above was taken during the photo shoot I described above :o)
She has recently decided to use it as an album cover for her new Single that she just released, "Braille."
Thank you Heather for deciding to use more of my work within yours!!!