Wedding Photographer In Mclean VA Working With An Amazing Couple!

 I just had the honor of photographing the wedding of two of the sweetest people in all of Northern VA! Today was a day that I will not soon forget...These two love birds were absolutely amazing to work with! This lovely bride had a genuine smile on her face the entire day, and the groom was glowing every time they stood side by side! How down to earth can one couple be? :)
I really have to thank this beautiful couple for such a wonderful experience! Everyone was great to photograph! The families and all of the guests were a delight through out the day and best of all, I was able to get to know two of the nicest people and be with them on such a special day! Kudos to these two for the after party goodies! It is amazing couples like this that keep me in love with being a Wedding Photographer in Fairfax VA!

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