Wedding Photography In Leesburg & Ashburn VA Continues To Be Romantic!

I have to say just how much I LOVE being a Professional Wedding Photographer In Fairfax Va! I am right in the middle of the worlds most amazing metro area! I have the honor of meeting some of the greatest couples and this beautiful pair of love birds was simply charming! They were so cute together during the ceremony...her eyes sparkled when she look into his and placed his ring on his finger, as he was living the happiest moment of his life- All of the guests looked on lovingly as he took her hand to place her ring on her finger. It was a very moving ceremony!
And reception was a wonderful party!! I could not stop smiling the entire night :) I really have to thank these two for being so great to work with!
I am thrilled to have gotten to know them and photograph them & all of their guests on their wedding day!

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