Wedding Photography in Fairfax County Coninues To Be Romantic!

Being a Wedding Photographer in Fairfax VA has been such an adventure! I have the opportunity to meet some wonderful couples, and this pair of love birds is as wonderful as they come! They hosted one of the most intimate weddings that I have had the honor to be a part of :) Everyone was a delight to mingle with and the Bride and Groom were simply Amazing together! It was clear to see that Cupid had shot both of them with his arrow :)
This lovely bride had a great color scheme selected, and all the little details that showered the reception hall complimented it. A harpist serenaded us through out the ceremony, (which was as moving as it was spiritual) and on through the early reception. It was easy to notice the romantic mood that the bride had planned for her guests...I found myself enveloped in moment several times through out the night :) Thank you again to this lovely young couple for being so wonderful to work with! It was an honor to be a part of such a BIG day of their lives!

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