Virgina Is For Lovers!

Lets talk Engagement Photo Shoot for a moment...It is so important to choose a location that will best represent your relationship and character as a couple. It may not come to you right away, but it will...I like to suggest locations to get the my couples thinking about what they picture in the background when the see their "Vision" of how the photographs will look. Couples usually have a rough idea of how you envision the photo shoot going. Do you picture yourselves in front of a Lake, Beach, City, Wall, Backdrop, etc etc....Once you tap into your personal thoughts and begin to express them to me, I begin to paint an artistic mental picture of what you describe. This is the very moment of the birth of your vision...


Simply Meant To Be!

As a Wedding Photographer in Virginia, I am constantly meeting new people. I had the pleasure of working with the absolute nicest couple! This couple in particular was so classy and simply wonderful!
The ceremony was filled with romance and the details that they arranged emphasized every bit of it! It was clear that they are truely meant for each other!
Tonight was a beautiful reminder of why I Love Photographing Weddings! A special thank you to these two for being so wonderful to work with! You both got Serious Taste & Style!


A Big Day In George Wahington University

I was recently asked to cover the 2009 Graduation Celebration at George Washington University and the School Of Engineering And Applied Science. It was also the 125th Anniversary of the University which made it extra special.
This is a photo of Dean Dolling, Ph.D presenting Mr. Bill Westenhofer a golden clock on behalf of the school for extraordinary achievement. Bill Westenhofer earned his Masters in computer science from GWU in 1995 and has since been heavily involved in the Film Industry leading teams of Visual Effects artists on such Recent Blockbuster films as "Land Of The Lost" working side by side with Will Ferrell. He has also won an Academy Award for Achievement In Visual Effects, for his leading role in production of "The Golden Compass" and has also been recently nominated for an Oscar for "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe." He has also supervised the Visual Effects on the films; "Elf," "The Rundown," MIB 2," "Cats & Dogs," Stuart Little 1&2." His lighting effects and animation work was also featured in "Batman Forever," "Speed 2, " Spawn," "Kazaam," and "Waterworld."
It was such an honor to have been there! Thank you GWU for such a wonderful Graduation Ceremony!


Pay For School, But You Can't Buy Class Like This!

I have always found Wedding days to be a time in which couples share a mutual glow...This was an evening that I will always remember! Everyone was so great to photograph tonight! I have to say another special thanks to this wonderful couple and each and everyone of their guests for being so great!