Virgina Is For Lovers!

Lets talk Engagement Photo Shoot for a moment...It is so important to choose a location that will best represent your relationship and character as a couple. It may not come to you right away, but it will...I like to suggest locations to get the my couples thinking about what they picture in the background when the see their "Vision" of how the photographs will look. Couples usually have a rough idea of how you envision the photo shoot going. Do you picture yourselves in front of a Lake, Beach, City, Wall, Backdrop, etc etc....Once you tap into your personal thoughts and begin to express them to me, I begin to paint an artistic mental picture of what you describe. This is the very moment of the birth of your vision...

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  1. This was the perfect day for the shoot! We had a lot of fun. The CD's were more than we expected. Thank you again for photographing our engagement! Oh, if you go back here with another couple watch out for that snake ;)

    Eric & Amanda