Let The Music Move You!

It is always such a good feeling to see the newly married Bride and Groom having a good time during their reception! There is nothing like natural moment when it is photographed! I always encourage my couples to have fun and to simply be them selves through out the night. If you notice your photographer silently approaching, don't stop what you are doing or get nervous...chances are he/she is looking to capture candid/photo journalistic photographs :o)


As Long As You Are Having Fun

Your Wedding Day can either be Perfect, or Absolutely Perfect!
Take a little bit of time with your photographer to have fun for the sake of your portraits.
If you are having fun, your photographs will show it, so be sure to have fun and encourage your bridal party to strike a pose with you. After all, it is YOUR big day!


A Touch Of Color

Rose petals are always a nice touch at the Altar...They add a nice touch of color and even a pleasant scent. This shot was taken from ground level with a Fish Eye Lens. I thought it would best portray the rose petal's point of view. I like to give my clients portraits of the environment that they would not have usually seen them selves. Unless the bride was laying down in front of the altar, she would have never had this point of view :o)
This was such a wonderful day, so full of color, It was only natural to focus on the small details.
This couple was so wonderful to work with! It was so much fun finding shots that would give them a unique perspective of their BIG DAY!

The Ring Is The Thing!

It is so important, as a professional wedding photographer, to capture images that will remind the Bride & Groom of just how special the day was...If you think about it, they spend a lot of time on the planning of each detail, most of all, the Wedding Rings. I have always been a big fan of allowing the rings (and other Wedding related jewelry) to become subjects. This particular shot above happens to be one of my favorites...I had a lot of fun working with this Bride and Groom, as well as their Wedding Rings! :o)